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Fence and Deck Contractor
Strength. Family. Tradition.  

We believe a house is more than a place to live... it is a home. A home is a place for tradition, for values to be passed to coming generations, and a place for families to grow strong.

RT Hale Construction, LLC is a company that comes from a tradition of two things: builders & family.

Fence and Deck Company
Richard - The Builder.  

He has been in construction for almost two decades. He is a licensed, insured & bonded general contractor. He began his career with the esteemed residential & commercial company, Koehl Construction in Crossville, Tennessee. After 13 years of experience with his mentor and boss Damon Koehl, he then went to construct scaffolding at US nuclear plants. Richard holds a current national security clearance for US nuclear plants.

Fence and Deck Company

She comes from a family that built homes in Northern Virginia under the name of Georgetown Homes.

They have a beautiful daughter Elizabeth, with eyes that will steal your heart.  A son Bradley, who uses his “Handy Manny” Tool Bench every day and wants to be just like daddy.  And two dogs, Bailey & Smokey.

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