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Roo Company


We provide quality roofing.

Fence Company


We offer a wide range of fence styles for your home.

Deck Company


We have experience building custom decks!

The Building Process


First...We listen. Our process helps you uncover the things you want most from your new or current home. After hearing from you we then compare what you want with the 'best in class' approaches to home construction from around the country.



Second...we plan. Using a mixture of science & art we architect plans for your new or current home. The design approach we use has been tested over time to create spaces for those large celebrations & intimate moments that make a house a home.



Next...we measure twice & build once. Our approach to construction is to give you an efficient & cost effective build.



Once the foundation has been laid & the frame built we turn our focus on the nuances, details, & small spaces that make a home a place for your family. From years of experience, we have learned at this point in the process to create multiple points of interaction with you so that as you see your home becoming real. You can shape these important remaining elements in real time.


Live. take the home and make it yours. All with the confidence that if you experience any problems with your new or remodeled home a time frame...then we will make it right.

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